Manifesting Positivity

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller

A tremendous beautiful feeling comes over me walking the shore. My only intended goal is to go between three and five miles and to return home eventually. Along the way I try to take note of whatever catches my eye and slow my pace to appreciate odd details here and there. From this angle the front of this burned out driftwood resembles a titanic bird bowing down in the sand. The thought of the trees former spirit being set alight by random visitors brought a tear to my eye.

The might of the ocean is obvious, but spending so much time wandering the seaside makes the subtle forces all the more impressive. The heaving waves can tear docks apart and sink ships, but also gently wrap various flotsam and jetsam together in marvelous bundles. Various elements are swirled together in interlinked vortex within open ocean eddies. These natural bouquets are tossed along the tide-line – blessings from the primordial deep.

An ecstatic undertone overpowers my perspective. This sea-bouquet is imbued with a vaguely familiar and attractive aesthetic. It reminded me of Japanese flower arrangements in its asymmetrical structure. People spend a lifetime trying to learn how to be “natural”. Meditation, yoga, hypnosis – all manner of techniques are studied in order to regain that raw purity with which we were born. The organic flourishes garnished with beach-stones could just as easily be a masterpiece of modernist art or exquisite ink wash watercolor.

Seeing the world anew each day regenerates sparkling flecks of childhood perspective. With this flickering rejuvenation fresh in my mind, I return home and create. See your life in a new, more positive light and appreciate the little things.

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