Aesthetic Enjoyment

Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is the recognition of the pattern. Alfred North Whitehead

The world abounds with interweaving patterns of energy and light. As we wander through our days, the subtle, smooth slipping of the elements from one state to another creates countless curves, swirls, eddies and whorls. Our whirling planet overflows with inspiration.

The contours of the land are draped in wind-driven specks of once towering mountains and ancient lands long crushed to dust. Here and there atop the dunes hardy grasses cling to their patch. The flow of living energy is revealed in the topological patterns of drifting sand. What the ancient Chinese called Qi, or Chi, is renewed by the transitional flowing between opposites: light to dark, soft to hard, wet to dry – life to death

In the end it all things return to the great cosmic sea – the transmuting void towards which we offer our prayers, wishes and hopes. There beyond the realm of our complete understanding we can find comfort or dread. The art of truly living is in finding the aesthetic enjoyment in the journey. Base existence is the primed canvas on which we paint our masterpiece -unassailable truths are the brushes – actions and deeds are the paints.

Recognize the positive flowing energy all around. Seize the chance to define the art of happiness for yourself. Treasure life. Stand in a positive light and smile.

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