The Repose of Nature

There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature. Henry David Thoreau

Setting forth into nature, anxieties slowly melt away. As my footsteps spread out across the sand, elements of the natural world begin to replace the artificial reality which sustains me. Wild rhythms liberate my mind.

The ever changing water’s edge defies set boundaries between the aquatic and the terrestrial. While the glorious birds of prey whose beach this truly is hold sway over all dominions.

Empty of thoughts and to-do lists I amble along like I did as a boy. Searching for colorful rocks or oddly shaped driftwood, their is no goal other than to simply BE.

Refusing to carry any step measuring devices, or watch, I let my twice injured knees tell me where the halfway point is on my morning journeys. Before me and behind me there are seldom people. Solitary wandering strengthens the soul and encourages the muse. Writing and the arts are my mediums of expression, but my frequent smiles define me now more than anything.

Returning home I often walk up the beach past the compacted sand up to where only king tides and storm surges reach. The sand is softer there and harder to plow through, so I slow down. There in the dry grains the winds reveal gravel beds and shattered fossils. The driftwood is lighter in color and less interesting overall. I resist filling my pockets with “treasure” for I have more than enough artistic materials to last for a year or more.

The body heat builds up and I open my coat, letting the morning breeze cool me down. I linger in nature’s repose for as long as I can; always stopping before slogging through the dunes towards home. All that I ever was comes back together to form who I am now – standing atop the final dune.

Chuckling at the scattering seagulls and retreating crows, I admire the grandeur of the eagles’ flight. My heart is calm. I return home, but a part of me stays behind and frolics a while longer.

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