Blue Space

The sound of water says what I think Zhuangzi

I have been reading about a concept called Blue Space. Scientists have been studying the effects on people who live near oceans or other bodies of water. Spending time near water offers a myriad of benefits to overall health and general well-being. For me spending time wandering the beach has given me a new perspective on my place in the universe.

The constant movement of water and soothing sounds of the surf bring me great peace of mind. The water speaks of our primal birthplace. My pulse synchronizes with the tide – my blood ebbing and flowing throughout every pore of my being. All life is interconnected across innumerable eons.

Stepping onto the beach is like stepping into a vast, wall-less temple. Joyous hymns soar over the distant horizon accompanied by the deep resonating thrumming of the rolling waves. There is an endless array of organic treasures strewn across the sands every day – offerings from the sea to the land and the land to the sea. An array of seabirds and wee creatures find sustenance sorting through the ever-changing menu.

The brilliant reflecting sands like colossal polished mirrors display wondrous tapestries of light and life. Upon reaching the water’s edge, I empty my mind and pray the water speaks my thoughts.

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