Shine from Within

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

Maya Angelou

Never let degrading words pierce your deep inner self. There are endless numbers of people who try to snatch joy from those around them. Some people can not be satisfied with what they have, and so they look for someone to harm or injure. This inflicting of pain does not bring them happiness but it somehow numbs their own pain a little.

We need people around us who can fortify our defenses against life’s trials and tribulations. Caring souls magnify the positive and shrink the negative. Humans are social creatures, but in order for you to support those closest to you, you must strengthen your own resolve to be happy. No one can be happy all the time, just as no one will be miserable all the time. Brighten your heart, so your kindness can light the shadows for others.

To find peace, it is normal to seek solitude from time to time. All of us need time alone with our thoughts. But we do not need to hide away from life in order discover illumination. Time spent in contemplation energizes the soul. The soul’s glow spontaneously burns off residual gloom.

During this most wondrous autumn season, before the coming winter, brighten the days of those you love. Enjoy their company and bask in the shared happiness of simply being together. Shine together. Nothing can dim the lights of those who shine from within.

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