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Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. It takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.


Our lives exhale poetry every day. The gentle gaze of a parent upon their child’s face as she turns to walk into school. The subtle tenderness of friends acknowledging one another’s vulnerabilities. Each night, we all experience mortality garnish our sleep with a morbid echo of doubt about whether or not we will wake.

Day by day we draw transient emotions across our faces in response to external experiences. The surges of regrets, recompense and rejuvenation occupy our conscious thoughts, but beneath it all our indestructible bonds to the boundless universe ceaselessly churn the infinite.

Our minds are the realm of our own. Look inward to conjure the tranquility which comes from self-reflection. Silence the mundane and the profane which are the side-effects and preoccupations of modern life. Calm your spirit and listen to the hush that falls over the intimate landscape. Artists draw from that fathomless wellspring great buckets of inspiration, as can we all.

When I taught a university poetry appreciation class, I would have my students practice releasing their logical thoughts and straddle their unbridled subconscious. Our true self roams beneath the surface of our public persona. Creation is the connection between the multiple realms of existence.

Today, and every day you can – express the spontaneous overflow of emotions in a few lines of verse, work of art or other creative outlet. Let your handiwork span the aching hollowness of doubt. Create the path on which you wish to walk.

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