Choose Today to Change

The title comes from the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. When I taught her work in my university Literature and Poetry classes, I discovered she was inspired by a very spiritual foundation. Connecting our lives to the metaphysical realms deepens our horizons and broadens our appreciation of life. But days upon days psychically locked alone with our own thoughts can befuddle our minds and obscure our vision.

We can feel like we are stranded and immobile as if our choices had become narrowed to simply making it through the day. Many people fritter away their days glancing back over their shoulders while stumbling forward into tomorrow. Looking at this great immobilized log of driftwood, remember it floated along aimlessly until one day stopping there on the beach. And one day it will be gone again – lifted by great waves of happenstance.

We are not logs. The human will, once harnessed, can move mountains. Choices must be made, one by one, to release the miasma of past woes and choose today to change. Pull back the curtain of self-doubt even a little, and bask in the increased light shining onto tomorrow.

And one day that barricade in your path will have floated away – dissolved by your resolute decision to act. Take courage from knowing you can alter tomorrow to better suit your heart’s desires. Believe in your self and decide to light tomorrow with today.

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