Discover Happiness Within

The title above comes is a quote from Mother Teresa. Smiles do not necessarily spring from happiness, but an authentic smile is born from a sense of inner peace. There is already too much negativity in the world, so why add to that with a frown or scowl?

Everyday events are more easily managed with a positive perspective. It is not always easy to find an exterior reason to smile so one has to allow their own unique luster to light the world around them. Luster glistens with both reflected light and radiant beauty.

We all are unique shining aspects of transcendence. Taken together, the intersections of our lives with others weave infinite, wondrous patterns throughout human society. Human beings are social animals. Our society is founded upon interactions. A smile can soften initial misgivings and relieve tensions. This, in turn, calms those around us.

Let your smile shine. Bring peace to your world.

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