Releasing Negative Emotions

Mark Twain once said, “Anger is an acid. It does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything onto which it is poured.” So many bothersome things can make us angry. Events in our life are often beyond our control, and the actions of some people will be upsetting. But allowing anger to simmer in your guts and catch in your throat damages your beautiful spirit.

Repressed pain can ulcerate more than our physical self. Holding in the hurt can injure our self-image with imaginary shadows and flaws which perpetuate the pain in self-fulfilling loops. Our thoughts get stuck in ruts of unhelpful behavior patterns. Negative emotions burrow deep into our psyche.

It is hard to separate yourself from these scars and wounds. But to sustain even a modicum of happiness, you must let go. Release the ache and dilute the acid of anger with self-awareness. Recognize your corrosive reactions and curb your acerbic inner voice.

Nurture the immutable grains of your true self and take pride in self-respect. The anger you once felt will slowly be transmuted into dignity. Hold your head high when you learn to overcome upset. Feed your soul with the happiness your deserve. Neutralize anger as much as you can and find balance in life.

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