Manifesting Positive Energy

We live with glory when we connect heaven and earth. A divine force thrums and hums behind all things. Stand silent and stretch out your mind. Your body will become attuned to the omnipotent vibration coursing through all matter. Do not despair. You are never totally alone. You are caressed by boundless ever-present love.

Reluctance to believe in yourself is natural, but do not let this self-doubting debilitate you. Release the deep ache that makes you feel abandoned. Accept your personal connection to the almighty force of nature. And by doing so free your bruised heart to begin to heal.

When you feel your confidence shatter, step away from the commonplace and meditate. Quiet the panic that renders your tranquility. Summon the glory of transcendent love. Every minute of every day you are loved. Believe in the glorious healing devotion of tranquil reflection.

Feel the world begin to shift. Your thoughts can bend towards the light of love just as seedlings bend towards the sun. With each heartbeat you perpetuate the love of thousands of generations. Begin to steer for the stars you wish upon. Allow the tender illumination of affirmation light your way out of the shadows.

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