Being Grateful for Your Life

Each morning I feel grateful to be alive. Every day I reflect on the grandeur of the earth. This morning the winds sweep in from the ocean and toss the autumn leaves about the little forest in front of me. From the distance the wondrous roar of the ocean drifts in the air.

I feel fortunate to breathe in the sea breeze and feel the pure moisture on my skin. My thoughts are calmed by this symphony of the soul whooshing outside my window. Joyous Imaginary notes punctuate the gentle undertones of the sea.

All life leaves ethereal relics of its passing. The great cosmic spark ignites kinetic life that thrives and stretches towards the cosmic ocean. In the end everything becomes recycled bits and threads churning upon the infinite sea. When the immutable human soul drifts upwards towards reunion with the divine, we leave behind memories in the hearts of those we love. Our spark glimmers in their eyes when they remember us.

Reflections of our essence returns to them upon the breeze. We walk beside them for a few moments. These epiphanies join the mortal to the eternal. This morning I hear those who went before me serenading my soul from eternity.

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