Change Your Future

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

That quote kept running through my mind this morning as I wandered the beach. How many potentially positive things have I not done for whatever reason? We all limit ourselves mostly to our so-called comfort zone. Moving beyond those self-limiting boundaries takes courage. We fear there may be no way back to the recognizable.

Anything worth having involves risk. There can be no progress beyond the mundane without compromise. All too often people’s lives stop progressing due to hesitation. Hesitation suppresses opportunity. Convenience it chosen over possible difficulty.

There are dozens upon dozens of possible paths around any obstacle. But one must choose. Without choosing, time moves on. Options become more and more limited.

The sands of time pile up behind the overly cautious. Buttressing oneself against adversity is wise. But avoiding choice is foolish. It is never too late to change. You can become what you might be if you only begin to make choices. It can be distressing to make changes, but those revisions change your situation -choose and change your future.

Flawlessness is an artificial measure. The beauty of life shines from the imperfections. Our lives can seem transient. But each day can be lived more fully once we decide to change what we once viewed as fate. It is never too late.

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