Finding Your Own Way

Humans have survived for tens of thousands of years through cunning and guile. We are inventive animals that have created a myriad of ingenious ways to capture and consume. However our environment eventually overcomes our best laid plans.

When met with failure we tend to drift for a time and seek the comfort of other like minded people. Desperate to resolve our angst we can leap headlong into a seemingly endless series of calamities. One day though we must face our troubles reflected on our heart’s mirror.

Seek your true self within your inescapable inner mirror. Seeing the truth is the first step towards healing. It is far too easy to go on deluding ourselves that somehow everything was someone else’s fault. And so we continue to convince ourselves of the general unfairness we faced. But the difficulties remain just below the superficial waiting to rise again to prominence.

Seek your own path by arming yourself with the truth. As Shakespeare said, to thine own self be true. If you can admit the truth to yourself, you can step forward onto the path of healing leading towards a brighter future. You deserve to be happy.

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