The Great Artist is a Simplifier

The title above is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh. Artists summon creativity from out of the void. The pure unrefined energy channeled by the artist is transformative.

In Taoism the Void is not emptiness, but potentiality. All reality is summoned from out of the seeming nothingness. Seeing the display of this summoned force one cannot help but to think of an artist wielding a mighty brush. We are fortunate beings in that we have consciousness and can peer into the Void via the portal-like artifacts.

Time spent pondering such wonders enriches life. Taking focus away from anxiety is not easy, but if you allow your mind to drift along for a while you can soften the emotional impact. Unwinding the mind from deep rooted angst takes time and repetition.

The same creative power summoned by artists will flow into you as well, when you can learn to calm your disquieted mind. Relax. Release. Recharge.

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