Save Nature and Ourselves

Perhaps we matter little in the grander scheme of things, but we do matter nonetheless. Each grain of our life slips downslope from the past into the future. This seems counter-intuitive though because we imagine the future as UP (forward, ahead) and the past as DOWN (backward, behind). Over time we alter our environment because it is in our nature to do so.

Humans are not meant to be passive creatures. Our spirits seek the horizon. Our hearts yearn to press against boundaries. But in doing so we need to be mindful of the natural world’s needs.

Human civilization spans gaps and connects spaces. Our societies span the globe as well. Over the course of human history humanity has harnessed the elements to support our ambitions. But other lives need these resources also. Our fellow citizens of earth must be protected from our artificial demands upon their homes.

To sustain our modern civilization our longings have taken us to the four corners of the world. We have sought dominion over the air, the earth, the wind, and the water. These are but a fraction of the elemental dynamism of the universe available to our souls, if we act environmentally. All life seeks survival and propagation. For future generations to survive, we must act now.

Humanity must curb its appetites for development. We are now the largest force acting upon the landscapes of our planet. For civilization to survive into the long future, changes must be made to the course of human events. Each of us can be the force for that change. In that way through symbiosis we all matter in the grander scheme of things.

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