Releasing Anxiety

Our lives are not plotted out ahead. Events do not unfold exactly as we hope they would. The rough spots of our days chafe against our plans and inflame a sense of personal indignation.

Day after day these indignities large and small build up around our hopes and dreams. This buildup limits our perspective on what is possible. And in desperate time our hearts feel hemmed in on all sides. We are trapped by our inability to see beyond the near term. The scope of our lives become limited by the things beyond our control.

One terrible day the emotional dam breaks. We are inundated by complications far beyond our control. The surging of confusion breaks again and again upon the rocks of our resolute soul. In desperation we find there is a point beyond which we will not go.

At that point of clarity, the universe steps in and whispers to the heart in loving affirmation. Release the trauma. Accept that the difficulties will pass. Allow the surface to grow calm once again.

Refocus your thoughts on the precious possibilities of true freedom. Send out the cord of your pleasant dreams and hopes once again. Never stop believing that you are integral to the sacred universe of Love. Heavenly bliss is just below the common surface of the day-to-day. Smell the love in fragrance of moist spring flowers. Feel the joyous softness in a loved ones’ touch. Taste the peaceful sweetness from sun ripened fruit. Hear the holiness in birdsong. See the amazing potential within your beautiful heart. The blue sky will return. Believe deep down in your soul – you are marvelous.

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