FOMO Fear of Missing Out

The modern world is filled to the brim with distractions. During our daily life we encounter a myriad of choices. The social media enabled lifestyle pulses with ambivalent anxiety. There must be something missing in my life people tell themselves. It is called the Fear Of Missing Out syndrome.

So many people frantically seek to entertain themselves through vicarious thrills. And they hope someone will notice their “coolness” or whatever the current pop term is. Having fun is wonderful. But always seeking newness and the fantastic leads eventually to disaster.

The Earth is our home and our life-giving mother. Our planet is filled with glorious beauty and amazing life from the micro to the macro. Far too many people though take it all for granted. They live for the short-term experience rather than placing themselves into the ongoing continuum of deep time. They sacrifice the opportunity to reach for the ultimate in exchange for the momentary.

I found this bottle from China on the beach the other day. Imagine the journey it took just to be deposited here thousands of miles away. Imagine too how long this thing will last into the future. Even the glue on the label survived a months long voyage across the Pacific. (I always remove litter and put it in the trash can on my way back home)

Just down the beach from the bottle I discovered this organic seaweed sculpture. I admired it contours for minutes while trying to imagine the natural forces that shaped it. Pausing to admire the natural world offers us a portal into the greater universe. The celestial fingers that fashioned this organic art wield the same power that sets the heavens in motion. We are all part of that dazzling eternal procession.

Find the connection between your heart and the stars and you will never be bored again. Your daily life can be buoyed by the grandest panoply imaginable.

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