Whorls of Wonder

All too often

All too often we are guided by our overpowering emotions rather than our hearts. We sit and worry over painful or unfair past events and stew in a dark soup of despair. At painful times like these, it is difficult to quell the fear and doubt swirling about our thoughts.

At last a shining speck of hope will appear and pull us back towards the light. But how do we subdue the shadows on our hearts? First you must believe before you can take in the divine breath of the universe and bathe in the flow of positive energy. Believe that you can turn the rudder and steer against the patterns of behavior that have trapped you in their baleful currents.

Just as the high tides flow back to the sea, your heart can flow back towards the cosmic ocean of love. Love is the gentle breeze that lifts you up and warms your soul. Love does not have to come from another person. Love is everywhere. The life-giving sunshine is love. The swaying of a branch of ripe fruit is love. Think back to a happy childhood memory. Feel that brightening of your thoughts? That is love. Seek it.

Stack up those worries, fears and doubts – one atop the other. Focus on the brighter horizon, and leave those grim reminders behind. Love yourself. When the shadows return, nullify their power over you with LOVE.

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