Change in Attitude

All too often we overpower our hearts with anxiety about the future. So many of us think about our lives in the future tenses. The present tense escapes us because our past experiences are clouded with phobias and seemingly endless loops of interwoven regrets binding our confidence. Today simply becomes a step away from yesterday and a step down from tomorrow.

We become anxious about the future while being embedded within the grains of time that have “slipped away”. There is within us all a divine energy through which we can transform our self.

We do not have to cling to the past. Our mortal lives are not anchored to the floating flotsam of shattered bits of what could have been. Our wondrous minds are a gift from the universe. The power within us all can alter reality. That power can be harnessed to improve your life and the lives of those you love.

Recently I read some psychology research that talked about adopting thoughts of opportunity versus thoughts of threat when feeling intense anxiety. The research said the mental energy we experience from deep anxiety is similar in intensity to the energy we experience when excited. They are like magnetic poles of emotions. We need to flip the switch from I am anxious to I am excited. This is not some facile advice, but simply a way to refocus our heart and mental energies.

There is no easy way out. But there is a way out of overpowering anxiety. Like everything in life, first we have to believe in the possible. Believe in yourself. Believe you can. And you will.

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